While watching any talent competition, a few things are guaranteed to turn up before season's end: Whitney. Mariah. Adele. Scandals, overblown and not. Enough judge and viewer squabbling to fill the holidays. And Michael Jackson night, during which at least one person will sing "P.Y.T." and another "Billie Jean."

The X Factor, being a talent competition, naturally had all of the above. But the stakes this week are a bit higher--Michael Jackson's going to be the downfall of two contestants this week, not just one. Who will it be? Who should it be? Let our Power Rankings guide you!

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3.Astro: His “Black & White” veered between inspired--check out the breakdown--and adequate. That’s well below Astro’s average, but it's still well above at least half the remaining contestants. We'd predict Astro either safe or in trouble, but the Grammy nominations were also last night, and our prestidigitation is shot ever since Skrillex got a Best New Artist nom and Bon Iver became a singles artist. We have nothing left for X except this: we hope Astro's safe, but "Black & White" makes a suspiciously good swan song.

2.Josh Krajcik: Think of the ways Josh could’ve been screwed over: “Beat It.” “Bad.” “P.Y.T.” Anything by the Jackson 5. His strengths are suited by songs that can take a little grit -- or a little dirt, as in “Dirty Diana.” Some people had issues with the sound mix (we didn't) or the gyrating and cage-rattling around him, but spectacle is only bad if it's meant to distract you from vocal problems. We watched again online in another tab. Nope: still awesome.

1.Melanie Amaro: Giving Melanie a dramatic, gospel-bolstered eleven o’clock ballad like “Earth Song” is almost unfair to the rest of the field; making it a message song delivered well doesn't deserve the "almost." Few talent-show performances can be called "epic"--especially from Steve, who uses adjectives like unfamiliar new variables--but for this, I'll take it. More than that: this is the first time I’ve ever been excited about Melanie winning this competition.