Welcome to Big Band Night! This week, in honor of the holidays, the producers of X Factor hired an entire 25 piece band, plus Michael Buble!, to really BRING THE THEME HOME. Meaning this week, we for sure will not be able to hear what song anyone sings. Jokes y’all.

So the theme tonight is BIG BAND, but also it’s Family Week, where every contestant dedicates a song to a loved one, which actually does a great job in rounding out the personalities of every contestant who we weren’t *sold* on (i.e. Jeff Gutt, Ellona Santiago). Since I’ve got some stuffing to prepare and a train to Jersey to catch tonight, without further ado! Let’s get to the recap.

Rion Page kicked off the night by moovin and groovin and swangin with “Swingin’” by John Anderson. Worked for the judges! Restless Road dressed up in matching suits and imitated Rascal Flatts with “Life is a Highway” which was kiiiinda schwerpy, not gonna lie, they’ve had better performances. Jeff Gutt, however, has not had a performance better than tonight’s, oh man. Also his dad is here tonight, an obviously great guy whom Jeff chose to dedicate his performance to. He sings Nina Simone/Muse/Michael Buble’s “Feelin’ Good” and it is sooooo good that Simon can’t shut up about it. Josh Levi (or “Levee,” as Paulina pronounces it) sings Bruno Mars’s “Treasure” and it’s a package that would prooooobably sell out stadiums.

Carlito Olivero is BACK TONIGHT with his Ricky Martin medley— haven’t heard that “Maria” in years and guess what’s on my traveling playlist for tomorrow. Alex and Sierra did a doowop cover of my girl Taytay’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” which almost caused me to drop to my knees in overwhelming confusion but actually, as Simon put it, it was “pretty clever.” And since Kelly totally made Sierra feel like shit last week for saying her vocals weren’t up to par with Alex’s, she righted herself by showering Sierra with praise this week.

Lillie McCloud gets really real in her promo clip by revealing she is a survivor of physical (and emotional abuse) from a past relationship, and dedicates her performance to her now-fiancee, Terry. Kelly gives her “Summertime” to sing, and it’s a solid performance that ends on a high note, literally and figuratively, HEH HEH.

Ellona Santiago stole the show, though, with her crazy thunder and lightning performance of Jessie J’s “Mama Knows Best.” LIl’ girl can sing, and it prob didn’t hurt that her beautiful, shining older sister who is battling cancer was there in person tonight.

DAMN! Thanksgiving really brings out the divo/diva in these contestants! Also, did anybody catch when Michael Buble said “BIATCH”? *Tryptophan coma before even eating any turkey*

Have a happy thanksgiving guys.