Don't worry, everyone's favorite narrators of bad taste and sexual innuendos have returned. The Ying Yang Twins, the same men that brought you "Wait (The Whisper Song)," are back with another gloriously inappropriate anthem targeted at females, this time celebrating their back sides rather than the explicit late night plans they'll be roped into. The video for "Big Butts" is not as NSFW as Mr. Ghetto's "Walmart," but booty shaking in view of mass consumerism continues, as the guys peruse the aisles of their local convenience store looking for the foods that go best with asses. Spam it is! "Wait" was the kind of song you were totally embarrassed to admit to liking in front of your parents, but at least had an undeniable beat. While The Twins were responsible for some big party anthems at their peak in the early aughts ("Salt Shaker," "Shake"), here the production value alone is evidence that it's been far too long since they've experienced the feeling of relevance. Oddly enough, all proceeds from the song go to The Ying Yang Twins USAFE Project for HIV/AIDS prevention and research. So keep watching?