The national grieving process isn't over until it's been televised, apparently. Not even when there's a lot of genuine struggle involved with the grieving. This is why there is a TV show now about Bobbi Kristina's reaction to her mother's passing, it seems.

The details:

* It's called The Houston Family Chronicles, is on Lifetime and will air this fall, and will star manager Pat Houston, brother Gary and their daughter Rayah, with appearances by Bobbi Kristina and Cissy Houston.

* The show's own description mentions "the certainty of a microscopic lens focused on [Bobbi Kristina] and her every move," and this doesn't seem to be ironic at all.

* On the bright side, the show wasn't cobbled together after Whitney's death, Pat Houston said; on the less bright side, all plans weren't called off after her death either.

* Maybe it'll be a lot better than it seems. It's still early, after all.