Lordy. No doubt anyone who goes to see Beyoncé live entertains fantasies of being her—even most of the guys in the crowd probably secretly (or not-so-secretly) wonder what it's like to enrapture an audience with a gorgeous voice, stunning dance moves, a perfect body and a very well-selected rotation of leotards and hats. For better or worse, however, there is but one Queen B, and imitations thereof are probably best left to bedroom mirrors and Rock Band performances. (Hey, a couple of the new songs would work decently for it. Enough for a measly downloadable track pack, anyway.)

Too bad no one told this fan. To be fair, it's not entirely her fault—some of the blame certainly lies with Beyoncé herself for noticing the fan's speaking-in-tongues fandom (she appears to be mouthing "YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE AMAZING") in the midst of her "Halo" rhapsodizing and sticking the microphone in her face. What's she supposed to do, tell a knock-knock joke? No, she's going to try to fill in where Beyoncé left off with the "ooooh-oooooh"s, and she's going to fail because nobody is Beyoncé and this particular somebody isn't even close. The best she can hope for is that Beyoncé takes it in stride (check), and that nobody ever uploads it to the internet to give the entire country a chance to laugh at her (whoops).

Basically, though, this clip is the Pringles of viral videos. If you can watch it once without watching it twenty times, pat yourself on the black for your monestary-worthy self-discipline.