If you learned one thing from the new Rick Ross single "Hold Me Back"—and let's be honest, there aren't exactly a ton of life lessons to be gleaned therein—it's that "these niggas" won't be holding him back, nor will "these hoes." In case the point is in any way unclear, The Boss repeats the two phrases a number of times—34 and 21 separate occasions, respectively. (Though whether the groups of "niggas" and "hoes" Rozay mentions are separate groups each time or uniform throughout is unknown, and in fact a subject of great debate in the Popdust offices. And maybe he's saying "wanna," not "won't"? Hard to say.)

Regardless, the way the two phrases have been battered into our heads after a couple listens, we had to start imagining the other forces in Ross' life that might be holding him back. Here are some of our better contributions, and feel free to submit your own if the song has you under a similar spell: