Eton College, for the unawares, is the UK's premier private school, the breeding ground for the cream of England's upper crust. (Prime Minister David Cameron, London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prince William are all alumni.)  So it's a bit confusing that a group of students at the school have released their own parody of "Gangnam Style," the South Korean rap track that so hilariously skewers exactly the type of upper-crust branding that Eton embodies.

Give the lads points for self-awareness: By their own admission, everyone at Eton is "awkward, frustrated, lonely and insecure." And yes, self-deprecation is a skill these blokes will need to learn if they ever are to survive in the real world. But we can't help noting that the humor in this video is a toothless, ultimately self-congratulating, kind of parody—"Stuff White People Like" made flesh. If the worst thing about the English class system is that the guys at the top of it are endearingly nerdy, well then, it must be pretty alright!

But hey, the rapping is good!

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