Think Before You Ink! The Ultimate Absolutely Horrendous Bad Face Tattoos Gallery

Looking for some inspiration for your next inking? Well, look no further!

As we all know (some having learned the hard way) tattoos are pretty damn permanent things, so, if you take the plunge then you need to be sure you can live with it for the rest of your life—or save up your pennies for expensive, painful laser removal.

Some folks just don’t care though—throwing caution, and good sense, to the wind by inking their faces—and, there’s no covering these mistakes up with a shirt or some carefully applied concealer.

These poor people will be reminded of their recklessness, bad taste, stupidity or (likely) drug addiction issues, every single time they look in the mirror…. for the rest of their lives.

Popdust has compiled the ultimate gallery of bad, terrible, funny and just downright insane face tattoos known to man—enjoy!

And peeps, remember—THINK BEFORE YOU INK!

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