You'll never want to sleep with the lights out again. If you are in the slightest bit squeamish, be warned: this two-minute short film, appropriately titled Lights Out, is probably the scariest two minutes ever documented. Sure, it uses some crafty, by-the-book horror techniques, but they are pulled off brilliantly.

In the short clip, a woman is getting ready for bed, and as she turns off her hallway light, her eyes begin to play tricks on her. We've all been there. We turn off a switch, and as light dances around from an unidentified source, shadows morph into shapes. Well, this turns into something far more terrifying than we could have ever imagined.

Lights Out, created by David F. Sandberg, won Best Director at last year's Who's There Film Challenge, and while it has been out for quite sometime, it is again making the internet rounds. And we wished it really hadn't...

Get ready to be scared: