This surge in dance fandom just happened so fast, right? To the point where dubstep breakdowns took about a month to go from new pop building block to new pop cliche, to the point where even Coachella is going "screw it, all of you just want to brostep out" and packing its roster with big dance names in bigger type. Fortunately, all of this can be fixed by a dance-off by a kid, a security guard and some onlookers to Skrillex's remix of Avicii's "Levels."

This video doubles as one of those selective-attention tests, too, where you're so mesmerized by the dudes dancing that you don't notice: a) the ginormous, pretty-boy Avicii poster that makes about two appearances; b) the guy just trying to cart his drink out of the place, and c) about three phones dangling so close into the shot to qualify as product placement, although if you watch much live footage on YouTube you probably learn to block that out anyway.

(Oh, and warning: if you click through to the YouTube video, don't read the comments unless you really think your Sunday afternoon would be so much better if you felt like conking yourself in the face with a detergent bottle.)