After receiving guidance from Usher and love from millions of YouTube users around the world, Justin Bieber has made it known that he is a fan of paying it forward. By extending his generosity both on camera and off, he's made philanthropy look cool, and "give back" one of his Top 5 phrases—right behind "swaggie" and "burr." Most notable on his list of recent recipients of goodwill is Carly Rae Jepsen, a fellow Canadian saved from a potential future spent scoring their country's plethora of great teen soaps since signing to his Schoolboy Records. Jepsen has already spoken publicly about the fairytale-like day when Bieber called and invited her to be a part of his golden circle, and now she's shedding a few more details about their upcoming collaboration.

"It's pretty stripped-down," The Jep (do we dare?) told MTV's Sway of their song on Bieber's forthcoming Believe. "It's pretty casual. It's not too dance-y; it's more intimate." Hmm. Surely Selena Gomez wants to be the only one using the word "intimate" anywhere close to the name "Justin," but by Jepsen's description, The Bieb remains the consummate professional, even in his old age: "We collaborated on one song together, but in general, I was blown away by Justin. He's so down-to-earth and very charming and very talented." Well, no one said professional has to be boring! Still that doesn't leave us with many details on the sound of the song. Allow your mind to wander, but feel confident in assuming there's at least one mention of "swag."

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