This Country Cover Of Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' Will Make You A Believer

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Taylor Swift might have officially made the country-queen to pop-diva transition this year, but her influence in Nashville is still vibrantly alive. One of the town's most daring, standout performers is Kalie Shorr, who frequents The Listening Room's Suffragettes showcase each week. In a new video clip, the talent takes the reigns on Swift's new single "Blank Space." As the dance-pop original (from the blockbuster 1989) is standing tall on the iTunes singles charts, Shorr's striped-down rendition will make you a believer in country music again: and witness how Swift's wholly pop tunes are still country at their core.

As you can see, even Shorr's vocal delivery and lyrical nuances harken to early Swift (Fearless, especially). Could we be looking at the next country superstar? As tides are slowly beginning to turn in favor of more girl power (as evidenced by the recent CMT Next Women Of Country franchise), this diamond in the rough could be at the forefront of a new generation.

Find out more about the weekly Suffragette showcase and Shorr's original work.

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