The Comedy Central-hosted autism benefit "The Night of Too Many Stars" took place over the weekend, featuring all sorts of oddball pairings (Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly! Tommy Hilfiger and Derek Zoolander!), with the least explicable of all being the combination of fresh-faced pop sensation Our Girl Carly Rae Jepsen and the Bad Lieutenant himself, 73-year-old tough-guy actor Harvey Keitel. Together, the two performed Carly Rae's signature hit "Call Me Maybe," with Carly taking the choruses and Keitel sing-speaking—actually, really just speaking—his way through the verses and bridge.

The event will air Oct. 23rd, but until then, there is YouTube:

Nah, we don't really have an explanation for this. Maybe Justin Bieber extolled the virtues of collaboration with Reservoir Dogs alums to his protege? Maybe Keitel has a granddaughter (or a keen Top 40 sensibility that's only grown keener with age)? Either way, cool, we guess. Tim Roth is probably seething with jealousy.