This 'Into The Woods' Trailer Means More Than Life, More Than The Moon

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Once upon a time...there was a magical land filled to the brim with all of our favorite fairy tales. Cinderella, Jack & The Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel all lived together, clutched underneath the decaying finger nails of the Witch (portrayed by Meryl Streep), of course. Now, we get our first official look at the upcoming Into The Woods musical, a wonderful Stephen Sondheim creation detailing what happens when you get what you wish for.

It's one of the darker musicals of our time, but it so chocked full with magnificent costumes, staging and infectious tunes. However, in the just-released clip, there is nary a beat drummed or melody all. But don't fret, there will surely be more teasers to come—the film doesn't land in theaters until Christmas.

The film, directed by Rob Marshall (Chicago), also stars Anna Kendrick (as Cinderella), Christine Baranski (as Cinderella's Stepmother), Chris Pine (as the Prince), Johnny Depp (as The Wolf), James Corden and Emily Blunt (as the Baker and the Baker's Wife, respectively). The re-imagined version looks to bring the magical tale to a new audience.

The original musical first debuted on Broadway in 1987, ultimately winning three Tony awards.



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