Well, now this all makes sense. Kanye hasn't been messing around with Kim Kardashian because he's in love with her, or even because he wants the publicity. He's just been using her for the chance to work with her considerable vocal talents, to be the Aaliyah to his Timbaland, the Lady Gaga to his RedOne, the Christina Milian to his The-Dream. (That last one might actually be a little too on the money, actually.) Turns out, everyone's favorite name-smushable celebrity duo may be planning on collaborating outside of the car backseat boudoir as well. A source tells Hollywood Life of the pair's musical ambitions:

Kanye wants Kim to record a song with him but she’s a little nervous...But she’s definitely considering it. She sort of thinks Kanye is joking around but he’s totally serious.

This is, of course, a totally natural and probably inevitable point for Kimye to reach in their relationship—frankly, we're a little disappointed in ourselves that we didn't see it coming. The only surprising part of the rumor is that it has Kanye as the instigator and Kim the reluctant participator. Perhaps Kanye just never heard "Jam" (and perhaps Kim remembers it a little bit too well). Either way, this can only end brilliantly. Who doesn't think that "Monster" would have been better with Kimmy K on it instead of Nicki Minaj?