Well, it's not quite the bear hugging the state of California on the cover of Best Coast's The Only Place, but it's certainly a lot better than what we originally believed to be the cover image for Bruno Mars' Unorthodox Jukebox—that boring promo shot of him that said nothing about the new album and showed no personality whatsoever. Now, we have a gorilla hugging (or at least manhandling) a jukebox:

Seems about right to us—playful, off-beat, and preoccupied with primates. There's also a song called "Gorilla." Check the full tracklist:

1. “Young Girls”

2. “Locked Out of Heaven”

3. “Gorilla”

4. “Treasure”

5. “Moonshine”

6. “When I Was Your Man”

7. “Natalie”

8. “Show Me”

9. “Money Make Her Smile”

10. “If I Knew”

Nothing too interesting there, though we're surprised at the lack of listed features, and that in this day of iTunes downloads and endless bonus tracks, the album's only ten songs long. Quality over quantity, that Bruno.