It's the biggest news story you haven't heard: dozens of papier mache Britney Spears heads exist in the world, unseen, unnoticed. They've been around at least since 2009 and this creepy, NSFW and not-safe-for-life video. That video reached Popjustice's radar, and last month came a call for papiers, if you will: make the best Britney Spears papier mache head (and be over 13 and, for some reason, not drunk), and get tickets to Spears' tour and a chance to dance on stage.

Really, the most surprising thing was that only eleven entries came of this. (Britney Spears fans are dedicated, to put it mildly.) The face you see up top is the winner, the artistry of Thomas McHugh. But don't let that be the only one you see. On the site are lyrics sketched into hair, the VMAs snake and a rendition of the "dark moment when she shaved her head." We have no idea how to process any of this, but it's our responsibility to point things like this out when they exist. The truth deserves to out. Especially when made of crinkly paper.