This is Gonna Be a Long Flight if You Keep Self-Pity Rapping, Chris Brown


Credit Chris Brown with being economical, we guess. Long flight while on tour or something, and somebody's already done the crossword and Sudoku puzzles in the airplane magazine? Hey, let's use the opportunity to film a music video. Brown did as such recently for his confrontational, self-pitying rap track "How I Feel" (as in, "I feel it would be in your best interest to leave me alone and stop asking about the Rihanna thing"), in which a solo Breezy tells his laptop his life story while contemplatively staring out the window. Not much happens, of course, but Brown's outfit is fairly fascinating—a black-and-yellow Batman jacket and a cap advertising "Coca-Cola: Official Soft Drink of the 1996 Olympic Games." Nice find.

This song isn't really gonna be on Fortune, is it? Or, even more unthinkably...a single? Try a little harder, Chris.


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