This Is It Boys, This is War For Fun. in "Some Nights" Video Trailer

Just ask Foster the People—when you rise from obscurity to grab a crossover smash that nobody could have possibly saw coming, you don't get many shots at a second hit. fun. would be well advised to grab their opportunities when they present themselves, and they might not have a better shot than with follow-up sing "Some Nights," the title track to their breakout LP. The song, a fine anthem with marital drums and the year's best non-Japandroids "woah-oh-oh" hook, definitely has hit potential, but the band needs to strike when the iron is hot—i.e., while people still remember who the heck they is.

From this 30-second teaser, the video looks like a good start. The band plays in the midst of what appears to be a civil war battle, gunshots firing, bodies flying, smoke bursts coming from every which direction. The slow-mo melodrama makes it a natural double-bill with the "We Are Young" video (though this time, the band gets to play at full speed), and perhaps also a companion piece to Jay-Z and Kanye's "No Church in the Wild" clip from earlier today. (This one's a little more theatrical and a little less arty, which is probably for the best.) It looks big budget in the way it should be if fun. should be staging their vids if they want to stay a mainstream proposition.

Full video premieres June 4th, after their gig at the MTV Movie Awards. Best of luck, gents.

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