Did Mac Miller just have a kid? The internet doesn't have much in the way of answers on that one, but you'd think that there's only one reason why a rapper would choose to release a video of him covering Stevie Wonder's classic ode to his newborn daughter "Isn't She Lovely?" Then again, maybe it's just that it's a good song, and the Pittsburgh native wants to prove that he can sing and play the piano decently. (He can, for the record.) With a running time under two minutes—nobody knows how the second verse to the song goes anyway, right?—it's just a nice holiday treat for fans of Mac's and/or Stevie's.

By the way, if any song needed a super-short and understated cover, this was probably the one. You know the full-length version of Stevie's "Isn't She Lovely?" goes for six-and-a-half minutes? That's a whole lot of hot-harmonica-air blowing.