This is Just a Great Photo of Psy With an Ex-Pitcher and a Talk Show Host

A talk-show blowhard, an All-Star pitcher and a K-Pop star walk into a Twitpic...we have no idea how the rest of that one goes, but we're intrigued just the same. What set of circumstances resulted in "Gangnam Style" singer Psy hanging out with Larry King, Larry's wife Shawn, and ex-MLB journeyman flamethrower Chan Ho Park for a social media photo op? We may never know the answer to that question—frankly, we're not sure we even want to know—but it has resulted in at least one Ansel Adams-worthy snapshot, posted by Larry King to his Twitter:

Wow. And of course, somebody had to have taken the picture, who we can only guess was another random-ass celebrity. Val Kilmer, perhaps? The guy who played Luke on The O.C.? The friend to Rebecca Black's left in the "Friday" video? That last one sounds like the most logical to us.


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