This is gonna become one of those entries into the Christmas mythos that rarely ever happens anymore without a heaping smear of kitsch, right? Like, you've probably never gone on a ring-ting-tingling horse-driven sleigh ride with your boyfriend, you've probably never been brought figgy pudding unless you have traditional relatives or relatives who Googled the recipe from NPR (via Dorie Greenspan, so it could be good!) And you've never been the recipient of Justin Bieber's twirling in a snowy street, the plus-one to his photo booth session or his partner in mistletoe. You probably could go to a coffee shop and sit on the street or get a hand-signed Christmas card--just not from Bieber.

Thus, this video exists to be vicarious. Expect at least three kids at your school to try the "you're my Christmas wish--meet me outside" trick on their would-be dates by mid-December. We point the move out so you'll recognize it.