This Is What A $1700 Doughnut Looks Like, In Case You Were Wondering

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Man that's a lot of dough...

Selfridges, a department store in London, recently purchased the world's most expensive doughnut—Krispy Kreme's $1685 gilded doughnut—for National Doughnut Week. The doughnut itself is filled with champagne jelly (Dom, natch) and includes an edible 24-karat gold leaf, an edible 23-carat gold-dusted Belgian white chocolate lotus flower, and edible diamonds (!). Talk about literally putting your money where your mouth is.

In an effort, perhaps, to help one forget that they just spent that much money on a friggin' doughnut, the masterpiece is served with a cocktail of 500-year-old Courvoisier and champagne (again, Dom, natch).

Quick reminder that a glazed doughnut at Krispy Kreme is 99 cents. And delicious.


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