Time Square, New Year's Eve! Could there be anywhere more romantic? To a normal person, yes, probably—all those people crammed into a tight space, out in the cold? Ugh. But to a certain kind of fanciful soul, there is no better time or place to lock lips. The drama, the passion, the optimism of a new year! If you want to you can even pretend you're re-enacting the most famous kiss of all time! For these people, a kiss on New Years Eve is not just a kiss: It is truly the stuff that dreams are made of

And should it be a surprise that Taylor Swift if one of those sentimental souls? No, reader, it should not. Even if Taylor was not on the scene performing at Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve, she would have doubtlessly flown boyfriend Harry Styles and herself in on a private jet just so they could plan to get caught up in the fairy-tale romance of it all.

And get caught up they did. Seriously, that's one long kiss.(Maybe Taylor was just taking the new One Direction single literally?) Watch the video below, and tell us your thoughts!