Someone in President Obama's event-planning committee must've been very casually aware of who Lupe Fiasco was when they invited him to perform at the 44th's second Inauguration Concert. "Oh, that guy who did 'Kick, Push' and that 'Superstar' song? And he's from Chicago, right? Oh, sure, invite him along, he'll be great." They must not have done their deep background research and found that polite radio singles aside, Lupe is now at best an eccentric, conscious rap rebel, and at worst a straight-up crazy person.

If they had, maybe Lupe wouldn't have been allowed to take the stage at Hamilton Live yesterday, where he allegedly performed a 30-minute version of anti-war song "Words I Never Said"—which, incidentally, also includes lyrics lambasting the President, Lupe claiming "That's why I ain't vote for him." When security asked the controversial rapper to move on to a different song and he respectfully refused, he was forcibly removed from the stage. A series of tweets from The Cable writer Josh Rogin help explain the incident:

Well, it sounds like Lupe. Hope Mindless Behavior's set at the Kids' Concert was less contentious. Here's video:

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