Just like we don't know too much about Drake's little buddy The Weeknd, people are conflicted over whether or not a recently surfaced clip is the official video for his track "The Birds (Part 1)," a Popdust favorite off new mixtape Thursday. Will anything about Abel Tesfaye ever be straightforward? Probably not. The video in question—posted from a different YouTube channel than The Weeknd's xoxxxoooxo—features shots of Rihanna-lookalike Akiko Mims, shown in various stages of American Apparel-style undress, dancing around to the song's progressing percussion, interspersed between DayGlo close-ups that signify someone has been paying close attention to a summer trend. It's all dark and lovely, but if it's really not The Weeknd's doing, we hope the unassuming creator comes forward to get those future video editing gigs he or she so rightfully deserves. The lack of appearances by Drake and Tesfaye is slightly disappointing, but furthers the (Canadian) air of mystery the latter has worked so hard to create for himself this year. If anything else, watch a video for a great song, and be sure to post your conspiracy theories in the comments.


DVDINSIDER: Visible Light Brings DVD Video to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

DVD News March 31, 2003 00-00-0000 DVD NEWS-31 March 2003-DVDINSIDER: Visible Light Brings DVD Video to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations Visible Light releases OnStage DVD for PowerPoint. The addition of DVD Video within PowerPoint enhances the effectiveness of sales forces and marketing teams and can transform the quality of training, education, information presentations and briefings. go to website microsoft powerpoint templates

OnStage DVD for PowerPoint can be used on notebook computers, in kiosks and museums, over internal networks, and even the Internet. Easy to install and use, OnStage DVD for PowerPoint saves time and money by improving communication, viewer attention and retention of content. OnStage DVD for PowerPoint is a powerful addition to the toolbox of any PowerPoint author who wants to enhance presentations with DVD Video. here microsoft powerpoint templates

OnStage DVD for PowerPoint clients have access to production support services from Visible Light, to assist integration of DVD Video into PowerPoint presentations. These services include capture of high quality video, conversion into DVD format, and PowerPoint presentation authoring services.

"By providing the products and services to add DVD Video to PowerPoint presentations, Visible Light can help clients of any skill benefit from the technology," said Steve Perlman, President of Visible Light. "PowerPoint is the presentation software of choice and DVD Video lends itself perfectly to control within a presentation." OnStage DVD for PowerPoint has over twenty settings, which can be utilized as is or customized to change playback and the "look and feel" of the presentation. Features include an optional player toolbar, border of any color, startup at any title, chapter or timecode, and full screen or windowed display. Playback is supported on Microsoft Windows platform PCs, with a wide variety of DirectShow DVD decoders.