The latest in viral videos ("the latest," in this case, being both a super-nebulous term and also sometimes a matter of seconds, but still): this one, "Name 10 Things That Aren't Skrillex." It's a skit about a board game, the bonus challenge of which asks you to do just that. It is apparently surprisingly hard to name 10 things that aren't Sonny Moore, the same way it's hard not to think of an elephant right after you read that phrase. It apparently comes with consequences. Consequences like LOUD DUBSTEP FROM A BUZZER.

Sure, it's a jokey skit, but couldn't this happen? We think it could hapepn. And Pop has got it summed up: "it includes all the elements that make a chipper night. It tests your music knowledge and of course, your ability to withstand intense pain." It's also got a very large buzzer that makes very loud sounds, which anyone who's played Taboo or Sorry knows is the best part of any board game. (Hey. Hey. Can we go behind the scenes for a second? OK, great. In our office, right now, we have this large buzzer from Yahoo! that plays the Yahoo Yodel whenever you press it. It always gets pressed suddenly, sometimes by accident, and nobody expects it. Where we're going with this is that the Skrilly buzzer here is basically the exact same thing.)

But even if Hasbro never takes to the idea, you can still play it! Sort of. You'll have to make up the entire first part of the game--pretend you're playing 1000 Blank White Cards or something, just with dubstep, which come to think of it is something that's probably already been done--but the last part? The 10 Things part? You can do that immediately. Ask the person next to you; they will probably lose. And then you get to play Skrillex at full blast. It's win-win.