Do you remember mid-'90s rapper Da Brat? You know, "Funkdafied," "Ghetto Love," the remix to Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby"? Well if you do, chances are your memory of the rapper, real name Shawntae Harris, probably looks something like this:

Dreads, sunglasses, camo pants, Usher-like boxer flashing. Sounds about right. Brat was not particularly known for her sex appeal, but more as one of the guys, able to throw down with any of the game's tougher male rappers. But now here comes the latest issue of Vibe Magazine, who expects us to believe that the woman in the above picture and the one below are, in fact, the same person:

Tough one. Nonetheless, it appears that the woman in the glamour shot is indeed also Ms. Harris, looking much different than expected after being released from prison this February after serving 21 months on aggravated assault charges. "I’m such a f**king lady," Brat tells Vibe. "I loved to get glammed up. I love manis and pedis. I like to go to Vicky Secrets and La Perla because I like lace and bikinis. I’m such a P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thug)."

Uh, sure. We're not sure if Da Brat can still rightfully hold on to the name "Da Brat" if she's gonna be looking like this, though. She at least has to graduate herself to "Tha Debutante" or something.


Sold 'new' phone with this on it.(News)

Daily Post (Liverpool, England) June 4, 2011 Byline: ALEX HICKEY A PENSIONER has been "sickened" after she says she found 150 explicitly sexual pictures on a new mobile phone. Carol Lowndes complained to the Carphone Warehouse, after she claims they sold her the phone, also containing videos of UK soldiers taking part in training exercises. this web site htc incredible s

The 63-year-old from Rhyl, says she bought the HTC Incredible S smartphone new from the high street firm's branch in Rhyl two weeks ago for almost pounds 450.

But when she tried to change the screensaver, she found a gallery of 150 "indecent" pictures and around 25 videos of UK soldiers on training.

Among the gallery of stills were images of a woman, her face clearly identifiable, indulging in sex acts.

Carol says she was disgusted by the extreme nature of what she saw. "I felt like throwing up. What if my partner's grandchildren had seen this?" She claimed: "I was so angry that I contacted the store and someone there told me it must have 'slipped through the net'. web site htc incredible s

"What I can't understand is how a brand new phone can have anything on it. I spent pounds 450 on what I thought was completely new only to find this." Carol, who does food collections for a homeless ex-armed forces charitable group, Soldiers off the Street, was also angered to find videos of clearly identifiable service personnel.

Soldiers off the Street founder Bill Murray, a friend of Carol's, said: "There is no way these images should be on a new phone. It's bad enough that Carol was subjected to such explicit images but I am also concerned that there are videos of soldiers. That could constitute a security breach and potentially put their lives at risk if this phone was to fall into the wrong hands.

"Questions do need to be asked as to how a seemingly brand new phone could contain this.

"It doesn't bear thinking about if this phone was bought for a child or came into the hands of a terrorist." The Carphone Warehouse was yesterday making arrangements to collect the phone from Carol.

A spokesperson for the company said: "We have spoken with the customer and have launched an immediate investigation to determine what happened.

"While we cannot comment further until it is complete, we apologise for any offense or inconvenience that may have been caused and have offered a full refund for the handset. We will continue to work with Ms Lowndes to come to an appropriate resolution pending the results of the investigation.

An MOD source expressed concern that a seemingly new phone could contain images of service personnel in training.

They said: "One would hope that Carphone Warehouse launch a full investigation into how this happened."