Lord only knows what kind of drama transpired over the duration of Lil Wayne's eight-month prison sentence—the couple of times he's alluded to it in PSAs or interviews with Paris Hilton, it's sounded like a fairly serious experience. Well, the Lord's not gonna be the only one for long, now that Weezy is publishing Gone Till November, his memoir of his prison experience, named after one of the five best singles released by an ex-member of the Fugees in the year 1998. According to The Hollywood Reporter, November will "detail [Wayne's] thoughts and feelings, the people he met, his plans, his family, his children, his past and his future." Ben Greenberg, executive editor at Grand Central Publishing, further elaborates:

We are thrilled to be publishing Wayne’s prison memoir...He kept detailed journals of his inner and outer life while he was on Rikers Island, and they certainly tell a story. They are revealing.

"Revealing," huh. Sounds revealing. Well, we certainly look forward to reading Weezy's harrowing tales of knockin' on heaven's door like he's Bob Dylan. (Hey, you gotta understand—Wayne can't work a nine to five.)