Usually, the "I'm famous on tour" video is a kind of lifetime-achievement music video—or at the very least, a fifth-single, my-tour-is-coming-to-an-end-and-I'm-exhausted sort of scrapbook to both commemorate a successful tour and get a free, easy video out of the footage. Young Hunter Hayes decides to fast forward in his career trajectory a bit with the "Somebody's Heartbreak" video, which features Hayes ripping it up with guitar on stage, mixing it up with his bandmates backstage, and of course, being fawned over relentlessly by his female fans in the audience.

At least "Heartbreak" is a good song for the treatment, the kind of almost-power-ballad that sounds great playing under a bunch of montage-type footage and being broadcast as a presumptive stadium anthem. The only thing standing in the way of Hunter Hayes eventually being received like this by non-country fans and country fans alike is the fact that he kinda looks like Joffrey from Game of Thrones. Sorry, Hunt, but it's true.