T.I. Confirms Taylor Swift's B.o.B Collaboration, Street Cred

It's hard to underestimate the commercial possibilities of a B.o.B / Taylor Swift collaboration—considering that pretty much every time B.o.B. has brought a famous person on one of its records, it's been enormous, and even re-issue bonus tracks of Taylor's now seem to go top ten. Perhaps for such reasons, B.o.B has remained hush about confirming the existence of the collaboration on his upcoming Strange Clouds album, not wanting to over-hype the potential blockbuster. But Grand Hustle head honcho T.I. has no such qualms about getting the word out, and talked to FUSE about the upcoming collaboration in a South by Southwest interview—confirming a thing or two about Taylor's downness in the process:

I can [confirm the collaboration]. I heard it...Taylor’s extended Hustle Gang. She a part of the crew. She just ain’t got her dog tags yet.

Well, if there was one country crossover act we'd expect to be given the old' hip-hop cred thumbs up, it'd be our girl T-Swizzle. (Unless Jason Aldean counted, anyway.) We hope those dog tags are literal, though—the military brat look would be an interesting one for Taylor to start exploring.


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