Though T.I. has faded from popularity some in the past few years, it wasn't all his fault—he was incarcerated, you see. (Only a marginal excuse in this day and age of prison prolificity, but an excuse nonetheless.) However, now the King of the South is back and ready to reclaim his throne. Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. was released from his Arkansas penitentiary earlier after nearly a year spent behind bars, stemming from a possession charge that violated his parole from an earlier weapons conviction. Hopefully the rapper will get more in tune with the straight and narrow now on his second go-round, as he is being released to "either a community living facility or home confinement," as TMZ reports.

But regardless, T.I. is officially out of jail, which means only one thing here at Popdust: Time to sound the "Party Up" alarm! WOO!