T.I. likes his alter egos. Back in T.I. vs. T.I.P., back in 2007, was an entire album about them. So it's little surprise he returns to this well-trod ground for "Go Get It," off upcoming Trouble Man. Basically, this is the story of two T.Is. From rags to riches, the prince and the pauper, the 1% versus the 99%, use whichever metaphor you'd like. Or perhaps pictures would illustrate better.

There's the version of T.I. who holds lavish feasts (capped off with the photo up top) and wakes up in bed with about three women and spends the rest of his time wandering his lavish mansion. This one:

Then there's the version of T.I. who doesn't wake up with women but with boxes of old records, who eats alone at a diner and who hangs out at a much less opulent pool.

Got the idea? Great. Not quite? The video expands on all this quite a bit, in detail and with some well-timed cuts. Watch below.