Still wondering how Taylor Swift managed to land a "Live Your Life" duet with T.I. at her Atlanta Speak Now show back in October? Us too. While Justin Bieber is Usher's unofficial little brother, and thus a somewhat easy, "Six Degrees of The Bieb" type get for the country-pop star, it came as a surprise that T.I. would make a stop on her whirlwind tour just days after his highly publicized "hiatus." But then again, everyone loves Taylor Swift—or at least the promotional opportunities her live shows provide. Proving his significant crossover appeal, T.I. recalls the day Swift presented the idea. "I was confused because I know it's a phenomenal opportunity, but being T.I.—the Rubberband Man—and Taylor Swift being America's Sweetheart, I had just gotten out of prison like two days [earlier] and all of a sudden my phone rings," he told MTV. Fortunately for us, this mildly awkward meeting of strange bedfellows was documented by the cameras for VH1's T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. Watch below as a polite Taylor does her best at welcoming T.I. to her enchanted forest, towering over his wife Tiny in the process. "This is so huge that you came out here," Swift says to Tip, after reviewing the staging for his cameo. "It's huge that you would consider the old man," he replies. Even the dinosaur has to acknowledge the mass appeal T-Swizzle has.