This year alone, Girls' Generation has already released a new Korean album, embarked on a Japanese arena tour, and dropped a brand new J-pop single ( the amazing "LOVE&GIRLS" -- check it out). The second half of 2013 looks set to be even busier for the Divine Nine, with Tiffany confirming that not only will they embark on a world tour and release a new album, but that Girls' Generation-TTS will also be back with new music, too.

When asked if the popular subgroup would make a return during a recent interview in California, Tiffany said: “Yeah, definitely more this year. We have another album with the nine, and we have another album with the trio as well. I'm looking forward to both of them."

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TTS was hugely successful after its launch last year, scoring the eighth highest-selling album and eleventh biggest song of 2012. The subunit's chart-topping debut single, "Twinkle," sounded like a bubblegum version of Christina Aguilera's entire Back To Basics era, with a concentrated focus on live instruments and power vocals to give TTS a completely different sound and style to the regular Girls' Generation.

TTS wasn't just good for racking up high sales, but also for improving Girls' Generation's image by highlighting that the group is more than just good looks, and actually contains some great vocalists among its members.

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It would've been nice to see a different subunit, like an aegyo unit with Sunny, or a dance unit with Hyoyeon, but we're not going to complain when more TTS is on the horizon.

As for the new Girls' Generation album that Tiffany mentioned, it'll probably be another Japanese release since the girls have released one J-pop album per year since 2011. Judging by "LOVE&GIRLS," the Divine Nine's already off to a great start.

SONES have a lot to look forward to this year!