Two understandable reactions you might have to the news that Tila Tequila's latest music video is a cover of a Yoko Ono song: "Wait a minute, that Yoko Ono?" (Yup. Still just the one.) And "Wait a minute, Tila Tequila has a music career?" (Yup. Two EPs and four singles!) The song taken on is Yoko's disco-not-disco classic "Walking on Thin Ice," though Tila removes the original's signature bass line, forgos the yaps at the end and winds the original's sinewy groove down to a torch-song click-track. By most conventional metrics, it would have to be considered something of a step down.

At least the video's interesting. The sordid tale begins with Tila's lover promising that he will never hurt her--though it comes apropos of nothing, so you just know it's not gonna end up being true--and showing what a good guy he is by bringing her sliced fruit and a stuffed puppy. But one lousy day at work later, and he's going Billy Campbell on her. She takes him back, he beats her again, she stabs him in the stomach, the cops come, it's a mess. Everyone lives, though, which must be something of a first for domestic-abuse-related music videos.

"I want women to see that you can get out of an abusive relationship and hopefully do it BEFORE something horrible happens to you or your partner," says Tequila of the video's message. "I am hoping that people can see that this video doesn't promote or glorify abuse; that in fact, it is promoting change and strength." You listening, Shawne Merriman?