Say what you will about the posthumous collaboration between Aaliyah and Drake, or Drake and Aaliyah, or Drake and a sliver of a wisp of Aaliyah, but you can't say it's poorly titled. Drake's going to be working on Aaliyah's album? Enough said. You have formed your opinion, and the music will back it up nicely regardless of whether you're in favor or against.

You'll recall that Timbaland was against. If anyone's got a right to be, he does; an Aaliyah album without her longterm producer's involvement isn't exactly enticing. So perhaps the latest from the rumor mill will placate him, and you:

- Timbaland is reportedly producing two tracks. No word on Missy.

- Noah "40" Shebib is producing most of the other tracks, which means we can probably look forward to even more chillwavey stagnant-static clouds to skew Aaliyah's voice through.

- Drake, however, is reportedly only on one track (despite being executive producer, meaning either he's a figurehead or this is false). Exhale and/or grumble as you will.

If you grumble, though, make sure that your grumbling is as good as that of @AaliyahsGhost, who materialized suddenly with the Drake song (as ghosts do. If anyone in music's going to summon ghosts, it's either, like, SALEM or Drake.)