A bunch of musicians—Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, and Snoop Dogg among them—have tried to recreate the spirit, if not the mojo, of Kanye West's "free song a week" G.O.O.D. Fridays experiment, which led up to the release of last year's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. But labels might not be as into it as the artists are. Timbaland, who's already released two songs under his Timbaland Thursdays project, took to Twitter today to call out a mysterious cabal that's keeping him down:

i knw some of yall been askin bout timbo thursdays for 2day & i told yall bout my dilemma wit "they" tryin to shut it down 4 various reasons ... shit got me heated forreal

Timbaland wouldn't say who exactly "they" might be, but he apparently isn't going to let The Man, or The Men, or The Men And Women, or The Women, keep him down; in fact, he's apparently preparing to do ... something:

but notice i said "they" are tryin to shut it down. you cant shut me down baby i still do wat i want. i'm the king baby lets go

Yes, let's go, Timbaland! There are only six hours left in Thursday on this side of the country, and people have Lady Gaga lyrics to eagerly anticipate.

5:50 p.m. UPDATE: Oh wow, that was fast! Here's the scoop on the song:

Ok, I know there are a few real hip hop heads that have been looking for this song for a few years now. This song features Attitude and 6 Two. Attitude has appeared many times with Timbaland on Shock Value 1&2, but the most notable credit Attitude has is his role in writing for “Promiscuous Girl” with Nelly Furtado. A lot of you guys may remember 6 Two from working with Dr. Dre on the “Chronic 2001″ album, he was featured on the song “Xxplosive”. 6 Two also has writing credits on “Wait a Minute” with the Pussy Cat Dolls. This Timbaland Thursday song was originally slated to go on Shock Value 1 but fell short of the album.

"Fell short"? Surely this is better than "Apologize"!