Timbaland's Twitter Reactions To Hypothetical Future Collaborators

Timbaland, throwing down the Twitter gauntlet after Demi Lovato/Missy Elliott collab "All Night Long": "now that i did demi lovato its about time i look for the next talented artists to collab with. any suggestions." The Internet is a magical place where you can request anything and, if you have sufficient hundreds of thousands of followers, get it. So suggestions Timbaland got!

What follows is a lot of shooting the shit, with no bearing whatsoever on any actual duets to come, but it's still kind of fascinating to read his responses to the artists he got floated. It's Timbaland's take on music in 2011, basically, and his opinions may surprise you. Even more surprising, of course, is what fans haven't heard of. For instance, fans of:

Miley Cyrus: Done that: "We Belong to the Music." Gotta do your YouTube trawls and discography poring-over before tweeting the moguls, fans. This is just embarrassing.

Chris Brown: A couple of tracks! Man. You all need to step up the stanning.

Skylar Grey: He ain't mad, thinks her "tone is crazy" and thinks that a collaboration would be "dope." Unfortunately for Timbo, Alex da Kid more or less has a monopoly on her productions now, no?

Christina Aguilera: "Funny! You must have heard a rumor... or was it truth?" Damn it, Timbaland. This could actually be awesome; you are playing with our hopes!

British rapper Example: Never heard of him, but he'll check him out. (For non-Brits, here's an OK starting point; guy regularly goes to No. 1 in the UK.)

Lady Gaga: "Me and Lady Gaga would be a serious record!" We'd say Gaga has the same issue as Skylar Grey (good luck prying her away from RedOne, Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow), but "Telephone" did have Darkchild, and there are those remixes....

Brandy: Thumbs up; he said he's trying to get back in the studio with her after finishing his own and Missy's albums.

Gym Class Heroes: "Good choice." Ugh. Moving on.

Ne-Yo: Timbaland already did a few Ne-Yo tracks! They just haven't been released yet. Aw man, again with the potentially awesome?

More Demi Lovato: A cryptic "I thought you were sick of my collaborating with her!" (Wait, what?) "Well, I may have another song that you've never heard." You don't say.

Taylor Momsen: "About to check out something quick... I've heard about her before." That is very non-specific!

Eminem: Another track with Eminem: also dope. Probably more dope than his last two albums, too.

Fergie: A "strong possibility." We can see it.

Shontelle: Dope.

Big Sean: Dope.

Ke$ha (as suggested by Adam Britten, to us): (Pointed Twitter silence)

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