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Tinder Use Is Up Among Athletes In Rio!

Swipe till your fingers go numb.

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Tinder use has skyrocketed among athletes at this year's Olympics in Rio, according to the app's spokesperson.

While hook-ups among athletes at the games are nothing new, the use of Tinder has made it easier to expend that extra energy during down time.

In fact, Tinder matches in the Olympic Village increased by 129 percent over the weekend, the company reported.

You can currently find Tinder profiles from athletes of nearly every sport, with photos and updates like "Got plenty of time to kill," or "Looking for fun in Rio!" (Try to hear these dumb phrases in a romantic foreign accent.)

The 2016 summer games are the perfect environment for hook-ups, with ten thousand athletes crammed into a 31-building compound. The tensions of competing combined with adrenaline makes for a large market of would-be dates. A Swedish athlete told AP reporters that he got ten Tinder matches on his first day at the village.

Olympic organizers are aware that sexy time will be a priority, providing 450,000 condoms for the athletes.

That's around 42 condoms per athlete.


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Isn't it wonderful how healthy and fit these competitors are? Just think of the testosterone!

Of course, we mustn't be sexist. I'm sure plenty of the female athletes are swiping right like nobody's business.

However, let's focus on the men, because I want to. Imagine the luxury of hooking up with gymnasts, swimmers, soccer players and fencers?

While there is tight security around the Olympics, the various countries' committees seem to tacitly approve the use of Tinder. Some are content with a 'Don't ask, Don't tell policy'.

Even well-known athletes are using Tinder. Eleven-time gold medalist Ryan Lochte admitted to GQ that he'd used the app.

So, you want to see those profiles, not out of prurient interest but just out of curiosity. But you're too cheap to pay the $10 to search outside your geographic region.

Just browse the photos at SportSwipe on Instagram.