Also in the holiday spirit this weekend was UK rapper Tinie Tempah, who decided to release a video of him freestyling over Drake's "The Motto" as a gift for fans. He does it from the passenger seat of a moving car—real gangstas don't rhyme-and-drive, kids—while being ably supported behind the wheel by singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, who Tempah dubs "The coolest-ever ginger." (Uh, Mick Hucknall, anybody?) It's an impressive verse that Tinie lays over "The Motto"—way better than, say, one laid by a certain bored Young Money co-star of Drake's over the original—and the rapper's smiley enthusiasm is quite contagious, boasting "You niggas Holiday Inn, we be holidayin'." (Or so we think, the accent can be kinda thick at times.)

Bummer that the holidays are now almost entirely over, and the spirit of generosity will quickly be fading away from our major pop artists. Two weeks from now, we'll have to pay $5 just to hear Tinie sing "Find Your Love" karaoke.