Perhaps a reflection of his current rise to fame, Tinie Tempah is emphasizing his globetrotting ways in his video for "Till I'm Gone," the newest single off Disc-Overy, featuring Wiz Khalifa. Things get off to a slightly somber start as Tempah's girlfriend finally has had enough with his demanding schedule. While he says goodbye to his girl, he doesn't exactly mourn the loss of the relationship (unlike someone we know), and instead seeks refuge in the sunny Hollywood Hills with a group of friends, before later getting fresh and slightly more formal for a night out (or at least a parking lot hang out session). Images of international destinations like Amsterdam, Sydney and his home of London are projected throughout—suggesting all the places he's been traveling to lately—while Tempah raps in front of skyscrapers that illuminate the night sky. When you're surrounded by friends like Wiz (and Benji and Joel Madden) who understand the demands of fame, who needs a girlfriend? We're pretty sure they can show you a good time.