Tiny Harris Gets Colored Eye Implants, And You Better Love Them

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Reality TV star (and wife of rapper T.I.) Tameka 'Tiny' Harris went to South Africa for surgery to change her dark brown eyes to light grey.

Harris is trilled with her new eyes and described the procedure on Good Morning America.

They go into the eye and they make a little slit. They take an implant and it's folded up. They open it [and] spread it over your eye.

Oh dear, ick, too much information, Tiny.

The procedure is illegal in the United States, but that's why they invented air travel!

Anyway, I love what Tiny has done and so do you, because dissing Tiny has historically triggered death threats on Twitter from her excitable husband.

T.I., we fucking LOVE Tiny's new eyes and please make note of that. Here's Tiny discussing her procedure, below.