We'd rather hear news of new T.I. music than new T.I. non-music, considering his track record of being the highlight of tracks where he appears. But then again, the "I'm Back" angle is taken, so perhaps a reality TV show and a book were the next best options as he saw it. Or maybe the prospect of recording from a halfway house didn't really appeal, or maybe all the retweets from fans waiting for new music will somehow, if people believe enough, turn into real music? Anyway, read on for the rundown of what'll exist instead for now.

- A VH1 reality show debuting December 5, which--actually, just let VH1 describe it and add in your own imagined details based on any musician's reality series ever: "Viewers will get a glimpse into the very loving and always fascinating relationship between T.I. and his wife Tameka ["Tiny" Cottle, of Xscape], who has faithfully stood by T.I.’s side through it all. Tameka and T.I. are passionately in love, but both know that this previous incarceration has to be his last.”

- Power & Beauty, a novel set for release next month and co-written with David Ritz, which the Associated Press described as "two childhood friends torn apart by dangerous dealings on the streets of Atlanta."