Behold the combined powers of the Internet and print publishing cycles: it's barely three days into the worst month, and already Elle Magazine's feature on Demi Lovato has surfaced. Oh No They Didn't has the photos (summary: her SHOCKING NEW LOOK is actually not all that shocking, unless you are shocked that fashion magazine shoots involve couture).

What's much more enlightening is the article itself. You can read it here--or, y'know, go buy the issue or subscribe and help save the publishing industry so writers like us can eat--but here's the upshot: Demi Lovato is the second coming of everyone. Namely: Pat Benatar (according to former Disney Channel president Rich Ross), Mary Tyler Moore (Ross again), and Christina Aguilera (according to "Skyscraper" producer Toby Gad). What's that--a quadruple threat? Someone with a huge voice that can rock, but who's vulnerable and funny and might be able to dance and act a little? Sure, OK, we can see it. "Skyscraper" was pretty good. And although Aguilera comparisons come with baggage, both positive and negative, Lovato's got decades to prove at least part of it right. Hopefully the parts that don't involve tabloid scum.