There is not much going on musically right now, at least not that we've seen. In fact, most of the news has been pretty downbeat (Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon breaking up, Rick Ross working himself so hard, etc.)

- Ne-Yo and Monyetta Shaw had a son, Mason Evan, on Sunday. It's his second child, after daughter Madilyn Grace.

- Mariah Carey's already-extant, rarely photographed and perpetually hashtagged children will make an appearance on 20/20: 10 p.m. October 21. What a relief that someone's fighting the good fight to keep those "is she really pregnant?" rumors restricted to pregnancy, instead of allowing them to do a land grab into every phase of parenthood motherhood. If Mariah didn't show the world her children, who knows what might have happened in 2121 when all the headlines would read "DID SHE REALLY HAVE CHILDREN YEARS AGO? WE INVESTIGATE!"