Tom Cruise And David Miscavige’s Super Creepy Scientology Bromance

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tom cruise david miscavige scientology bromance

Tom Cruise’s bromance with Scientology leader David Miscavige is every bit as bizarre and creepy as you would imagine.

Like, super super, spying on your best friend, kinda creepy.

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The Daily Mail spoke with a bunch of former Scientologists—including ex-head of security Gary Morehead; Miscavige’s former-personal chef, Sinar Parman; ex-Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder; and L.Ron Hubbard’s great grandson, Jamie DeWolf.

Between them they offer up a fascinating glimpse into the tight-knit relationship of Cruise and the 55-year-old “church” leader.

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The two have been firm friends for the past three decades—Miscavige acted as Cruise’s best man when he married Nicole Kidman, and then again, when he wed Katie Holmes—and, it seems they’re pretty much inseparable during the extended periods of time Cruise spends hunkered down at Gold Base, Scientology’s International headquarters, in Riverside County, California.

So, how do the two men while away the hours, when they’re free from the seemingly endless tedium of Scientology dictates? Well, according to Parman, Miscavige (who he refers to as “DM”) and Cruise like to engage in some kind of testosterone-fueled, macho man competitive bromance, complete with their own weird language.

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“DM and Tom would socialize all the time,” Parman says. “They would just hang around with each other in the evenings, go out to the lounge where there's more comfortable chairs. DM's got this huge cigar humidor in the lounge, which is just a pretense for Cruise. They'd be smoking away.

“I offered DM a cigar when Cruise wasn't there and he said, ‘I don't even like those things, you can still smell them three days later.’

“It was a bromance—cigar-smoking, playing tennis, doing exercise together, out macho-ing each other. He even got DM parachuting with him, there's a big place in Perris, CA where they did it. It was who could outdo the other.

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“Tom would come out with all this stuff. He would talk to DM in this crazy way, his mannerisms were just unreal, all this tech speak,” Parman continues. “He would speak like the inner culture of Scientology, that's the way you speak if you're a complete Sci fanatic. He would pride himself on speaking in those buzz words.”

Then there are the boys trips to Vegas, where the two like to blow off steam by gambling at the tables….often winning BIG.

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“They'd go out gambling because I saw the big rolls of cash that were sitting on the table up at the Officers' Lounge in the Star of California,” Morehead shares. “I knew that they had just come back [from Vegas] and I asked about what was all that cash, and was told by Tom's steward, 'Yes, that's what Dave and Tom brought back, they just won that.'

“There were two rolls—really huge fat rolls—so fat you couldn't hold them in your hands. A significant amount of cash, as they were $100 bills.

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“I understood it to be about thirty or forty thousand dollars each. I was told that one was Dave's and one was Tom's and it was what they won in Vegas. I was shocked they even went. It was shortly after Days of Thunder.

“Dave would go and have fun with Tom, it was really odd. I thought, ‘It's gambling, you know, here we are in a church, that's weird.’ But if anyone can break the rules, Number One and Two can. It's a real bromance between them. They do everything together—exercise and cigar smoke together.”

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They are so close in fact—and this is where it gets really creepy—that Miscavige appears to be unable to deal with not knowing what’s going on with Cruise at all and every single minute—and, to that aim, Morehead claims the church leader ordered him to rig up a secret camera in Cruise “auditing room” so he could spy on his bromance buddy.

“I know that there were two camera systems for Cruise—one was a camera he did know about‚—a JVC camera on a tripod—which made him believe that was it,” Morehead says.

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“But I had to set up a second camera in Tom's auditing room. That was for Dave's own personal entertainment although it was meant to be for the purpose of being professionally critiqued.

“It was Dave's little secret to look inside people's little sessions. If Tom ever wanted that tape, Dave would still have the other one.

“I started installing these secret surveillance systems—hidden camera systems where Tom and other staff had no idea they were being watched, recorded and reported.

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“Dave started discovering that you could view these cameras from anywhere as long as you had a modem. So we would set up these systems to survey our own staff and he could watch them from anywhere.”

Hubbard’s great-grandson, who is now a stand-up comedian, backs-up Morehead’s claims, and adds a sinister twist to why Miscavige would be filming his best buddy.

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“They watch Cruise like a hawk, there's no doubt, they have all his records, they know his secrets. They know all of it.”

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