Tom Cruise Lip Sync Battle Is Truly Epic

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Tom Cruise just showed off exactly why he's able to command the big bucks.

Forget the big screen shenanigans—Cruise was totally on form on The Tonight Show Monday night when he squared off against Jimmy Fallon, in a truly epic lip synch battle—Popdust has video.

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Old Tommy boy was at his charismatic movie star best, almost making you forget all the Scientology weirdness, the Oprah show creepiness, the Matt Lauer angry insanity, as he hit it out of the ball park with not one, not two, but three truly amazing lip sync performances.

Cruise kicked it all off with the “hit of the Summer” I Can’t Feel my Face by The Weekend….perfectly in sync and looking every bit the rock star, with all the moves in place.

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Fallon counteracted with a rousing rendition of the Rolling StonesUndercover Of The Night…but, Cruise absolutely NAILED it with a song he dedicated to “all you Jersey Girls on hot sweaty nights”.. the Meatloaf classic, Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

Cruise managed to lip sync both parts of the duet, and to say his performance was impressive would be an understatement.

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Fallon was left reeling, and in the end, enlisted Cruise to double up with him for the finale, The Righteous BrothersYou’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.

This one’s for you Goose.

Jeeze, it’s times like this we actually really, really like Tom Cruise.

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