In today's post-Total Request Live world, The Wanted continue to establish their boy band identity by being a bit naughtier and a bit more controversial than your average pubescent singing troupe, as well as totally incapable of keeping their mouths shut when it comes to their fellow pop stars. While the boys will say pretty much anything during interviews (catch them while you can!) it was their revealing, blunt take on Christina Aguilera's cold demeanor on the set of The Voice that sent waves through the pop world, signaling these guys are definitely not your older sister's boy band and they don't really care about the legacy of a certain self-titled debut. But Aguilera's not their only target. Under the fearless direction of Tom Parker, the boys recently spoke with The BBC's TOTP magazine about opening for another pop legend, Ms. Britney Spears. We now bring you the most recent episode of Unfiltered with Tom Parker:

Britney's beautiful and a nice girl, but when we met her, I expected her to have more personality. I feel sorry for her [because] she's had a lot of stress in the last five years, and she's done so much from a young age.

So that's a nice way of saying she's become boring and numb in her old(er) age? He's not the first person to make such observations, but Tom sure has an awful lot of opinions about his idols turned peers despite his own youth and relative inexperience in the music industry. While saying Christina Aguilera is a bitch is simply speaking his mind, his psychoanalysis of Spears is based on his connection to band member Nathan Sykes, whose first foray into performing came when he was six years-old. "I guess it's the same with Nathan. He started young and I'm sure in ten years, if we're still going, he's going to be like, 'When is this going to end?'" Keep on handing people another drink, Nate. Apparently you're doomed with a bleak, depressing future where you'll soon regret all of your decisions, as well as those made by adults on your behalf—better enjoy this while it lasts!