ManCrushMonday—Appreciating Tom Hardy, Because, Duh, Tom Hardy

Yummy scrummy Tom Hardy goodness.....

It's Monday, and who doesn't hate Goddamn Mondays?

So, in an effort to make the start of the week a tad more bearable, Popdust is jumping on the ManCrushMonday bandwagon.

Start with the best Tom Hardy sexy hottest photos...

And, what better way to kick off the celebration of manly fineness that is ManCrushMonday, than with Tom Hardy?

Actor, screenwriter, producer, dad, model... we've yet to see a photo of Hardy that isn't just perfect, and, well, swoon-worthy.

Yeah, sorry, but, Tom Hardy is one of those—very few and far between—men that makes us weak at the knees and acting like a giddy teenage schoolgirl.

Jeeze, even straight men—Australian straight men no less, vote Hardy as one of the sexiest men alive.

Yummy, scummy, sexy, hot.. and.. just damn wondrous, Hardy is the epitome of testosterone fueled goodness.

Got it all going on Tom Hardy sexy hottest photos...

A cross between Paul Newman and the young Marlon Brando, Tom's got it all going on.

Piercing green eyes? Check!

Sensuous kissable lips? Double check!

A firm jaw and prominent manly nose? Triple check!

Thick dark hair that you just want to run your fingers through?

A hot, ripped body?

Sexy stubble?

Check, check, check!

Making Mondays bearable Tom Hardy sexy hottest photos...

The goodness that is Tom Hardy is enough to make even the most depressing and tough Monday bearable.

Don't believe us?

Still need convincing?

Check out Popdust's gallery of the 38-year old's hottest, sexiest photos, and you'll soon get where we're coming from.

And, yeah, you can thank us later.

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